10 Do’s of Conventions

Con season is upon us and whether you are a long time con attendee or getting ready to go to your first one, there are many things to be prepared for. In this post, I will go over 10 things every con goer should know. Get ready for a part 2, because there are also a few things every con attendee should NOT do. Read more in my next post 🙂

  1. Get ready to take pictures

This sounds obvious. But I have been to many cons and regretted the amount of pictures I didn’t take. I have also been to a convention ready to take photos, but soon found I was out of memory. So if you are bringing a camera, double and triple check your storage. If you use your phone, get ready to charge it.

  1. BRING CASH!!!

Most vendors accept credit and debit cards but 9/10 times you will get a better deal if you pay using cash. It helps them out and it saves you money, so make sure you bring enough cash.

  1. Post about your con adventures

Posting about conventions is the number one way to find and meet other super great fans. There will always be hashtags for that convention you can use to go and see everyone else’s photos from that event. Also if you’re posting a picture of someone else or some super cool artwork you got, make sure to tag them!

  1. See a panel

There are so many panels at every convention, be sure to jump in one that you find interesting! I didn’t start going to panels until last summer and I can’t believe how much I was missing out. They literally have something for everyone. My favorite one I’ve been to was how to cosplay with your pet. It was so cute! There are panels for gaming, cosplayers, trivia, and a lot of times there will be celebrity panels. So before hitting up the convention, check out their schedule!

  1. Bring snacks or a meal

You will save yourself a fair amount of money if you can bring at least one meal. If you’re attending multiple days you may want to look into stashing some food at your hotel. The less money you spend on food is more money you can spend at the con! Also I think we can all agree that con food gets old fast and is beyond expensive.


Be prepared for the worst to happen. If a seam rips, you better be able to sew it. If your glue fails to survive the trials of the con, you’ll want to bring extra. And never ever ever forget to bring duct tape.


Unless you have an allergic reaction, please don’t be that person. Bonus points for showering. It’s a long crowded day, please consider the hundreds of other people attending.

  1. Bring some cards

If you’re a cosplayer or photographer, bring business cards and give them to anyone you take photos of or anyone that takes your photo. I learned this my first time at NYCC when everyone was exchanging cards. It may feel pretentious but it’s honestly the best way to let people know what your social media is or how to contact you.

  1. Bring a phone charger

You may think that your battery will last the full day. But after taking countless pictures, videos, and posting/searching things related to the convention, your phone battery is sure to need a bit of charging.

  1. Show off your nerdy side!

This seems like a given, you’re at a convention that is clearly designated for fans. But seriously, don’t be afraid to participate in trivia events or other activities! Wear a fandom shirt, talk to people, put yourself out there. There’s so many amazing people at these things so take this opportunity to make some new friends!

If you’ve learned anything from going to conventions I’d love to hear from you! Or if you have any suggestions for things not to do at cons I’ll totally include them in my next post. Hope you enjoyed this!

3 thoughts on “10 Do’s of Conventions

  1. Heather says:

    Some fantastic points! The other reason to make sure you bring cash is that there can either be no cash machines near by or they will be completely mobbed. It saves you time to avoid queuing up for yet another thing because you will be doing A LOT of queuing that day.

    One thing about business cards that I didn’t realise was that some cons actually have rules about not giving out business cards. One of the ones we go to has that in their ToS and I didn’t know, so if I’d gotten caught the first year I could have gotten kicked out. So always check the con rules. It’s ok to have some with you and if someone asks in friendly conversation, however, in cases like this one you can’t go around offering your card to people. It seems from your description that it’s not such a big deal in the US but I’ve not seen people exchanging cards before so maybe it’s just different rules for different countries.

    • KT Martin says:

      Yes and another thing I didn’t point out was that ATM’s will often charge as well, cash is just a safe bet all around. I’ve never heard that about cards before! That’s so interesting. I wonder why some cons think it’s a problem?

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