Trevor Belmont Cosplay Tutorial: the Cosplay I Made in a Day

After binging Castlevania on Netflix I was inspired to try out a cosplay. The reason I chose Trevor was because I thought I could reuse a bunch of previous cosplay pieces. Honestly, this whole cosplay was just me challenging myself to see how much I (Read More)

Barbarian Link Cosplay

Who else is loving Breath of the Wild? After dumping hours into Hyrule’s massive world I decided I needed to make a cosplay from this masterpiece of a game. My favorite armor design is this one, so naturally I chose to do a Barbarian Link (Read More)

The Ultimate Comic Con Budget Guide

Recently I got asked for advice on how to attend cons when you don’t have a whole lot of money to throw around the spending budget. As a broke college student trying to pay for tuition on a part time job paycheck, spending money is (Read More)

Heh superstition

It’s finally Halloween! Here’s a new batch of Witch Mercy cosplay photos!

Free ways to support content creators

If you’re like me and don’t have a ton of money to show financial support to your favorite artists, there are still so many ways you can support them. Support isn’t shown just through Patreon or ko-fi, but it can be just as meaningful.